The Newest Valor Book (#39)... titled Lost Honor Found. It answers questions like: Who is the historic enemy of democracy? Who wants you to believe that the United States is still a republic rather than an oligarchy? Who conceals how the founders defined representation (in an unratified part of the Bill of Rights)? Who wants you to waste time dredging Karl Marx rather than protecting patriotic values? Who controls the teaching of Civics? 

Our previous book, The Moral Equivalent of War, was based on William James' statement that what this country needed was "the moral equivalent of war." It described corporate tyranny in a concise manner to begin simple organizing against it, using a pragmatic approach, as advocated by James and others. We adapt ideas of Thomas Paine to a modern context. The occupation government has largely removed him from our history, starting when President Teddy Roosevelt called him "a dirty. little atheist." It was a three-fold lie. In fact: 1. He was a Deist, like B, Franklin or T, Jefferson, and often stated his opposition to atheism. 2. He was taller than average. 3. Those who knew him, in a harsh age, attest to his cleanliness amid intellectual clutter. (In the last years of his life, when he resided in New Yorky, a pro-British press already had an agenda to destroy him for stirring both French and Irish Independence.

For Free Information see the GRASSROOTS Page. In particular, don't miss: War is a Racket. It was written by a two-time medal of honor winning Quaker (from PA). That page also includes a list of websites that reinforce our message.
Painting of Paine (c.1780) 
  by John Wesley Jarvis
                                  ORDER FORM (.htm file) - Click on the blue square for an order form. This is mostly for
                                          the Valor books on World War 2 and GAME CDs but you may write-in other items. We are able to accept payment through PayPal and in a few months we expect to have a "storefront" to ease shopping by accepting credit card payments. If you buy our books or CDs, we will also send a catalog that includes thousands of books from other publishers and a sample of writing by Thomas Paine. Dealers should contact us by E-Mail for a list of generous discounts. 

   The following images may look familiar because they are typical of the symbols that represent the variety of 
the titles that we published, including a dozen case studies on fascism and Nazism. As our books became more 
professional we advertised in various hobby & model magazines and journals like Naval Proceedings and NY 
Times Book Review, with three images below. The German helmet was for two books on the German War 
Machine. The center one illustrated the dozen books on the various Axis armies. The Valor imprint was added 1984 and sometimes we used the company logo shown here. Books on the Russo-German War often had color maps showing the eastern front. The one with Uncle Sam (on Grassroots Rising page) was for our newest book, The Moral Equivalent of War. 

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Order Form (March 2011)
Use the following Order Form to order from among dozens of Valor books and GAME CDs. A similar form is above (blue box icon) for hundreds of other books in the GAME catalog at the same discount.  
Handbooks (5 ½ x 8 ½" format)

1. Polish Second Corps and the Italian Campaign

2-6. German Army Order of Battle
2 Hitler's Dying Ground: German, Disintegration (4th)
3 German Field Army & Officer Corps, 4th ed
4 German Replacement Army, 4th edition
5 Hitler's Elite Guards: SS, Flak, Parachutist Troops, 4th
6 Axis Navies: Germany, Italy, Others planned 2004

78. German Motorization & War Machine, both volumes
7 Motorization Myth 
8 German War Machine

9.-13. The European Axis
9 Italian Army Order of Battle, 1940-44, 2nd
10 Italian Army Handbook, 1940-44, 2nd $16
11 Southeast Axis Order of Battle (Bulg, Hung,Rum) 2nd ed.
12. Southeast Europe Axis Handbook. 1940-1945, 2nd ed.
13 Hitler's Axis Alliance 

17.-19. Imperial Japan, 19371945 (3 volumes)
17 Japanese Army Order of Battle, 1937-45 (Divs.)
18 Japanese Army Order of Battle (Brigades & Service)
19. Japanese Mobilization and the Pacific Campaign)

20.-23. U.S. Army Order of Battle in World War 2 (4 vols.)
20 U.S. Army Order of Battle, Europe & Mediterranean
21 US Army OB, Europe (Companies/Regiments) 
22 U.S. Army Order of Battle, Pacific Theater
23 US Army OB, Pacific Theater, Command Supplement

15-16, 24 old. Eastern Front (four handbooks)
15 Russo-German War, Operations Against Breakthroughs 7/43  5/45
16 Red Army Order of Battle, 1941-45 (2nd edition)
24 old. Russo-German War Small Unit Actions, etc. 

Textbooks (8 ½ x11" format:)
24. new. Russo-German War 1941-43, German Defeat (2nd ed)
25. German Military Dictionary: Terms, Symbols & Abbreviations

#26 to #35. Chronological Series on East Front Operations 
26. Russo-German War, Summer 1941 
27. Russo-German War, Autumn 1941
28. Russo-German War, Winter-Spring 1942 
29. Russo-German War, Summer-Autumn 1942
30. Russo-German War, Winter-Spring 1943 
31. Russo-German War, Summer-Fall 1943, (2nd edition)
32. Russo-German War, Winter-Spring 1944 
33. Russo-German War, Summer 1944, 2nd edition
34. Russo-German War, Autumn 1944-Jan.45, 2nd edition
35. Russo-German War, 25 Jan to May 1945, 2nd edition
36. Russo- German War, Balkan Campaigns, Oct. 1940  Nov. 1944
37 Russo-German War, Bibliography

P. Sets of Photo Supplements (8 x 10" color pictures) 
There are a few dozen of these photos listed under the contents of a photo "book" (seecatalog page). We are selling them as sets of four, but no longer bother to package them individually. Order as many as you want and we will include a plastic holder for each pair.

38 The Moral Equivalent of War
39 Lost Honor Found

Valor Notes Supplement 1995 (100 pages text)

Symbols used with Valor Books:
Our basic number is 0-941052 and is followed by the three numbers shown for specific title. It is printed with a bar code.

tc=trade cloth edition, tp=trade paper, cb=comb-bound, pc photos (in plastic cover with 2 per package). 
See the unique exchange policy below for upgrading editions.
Means that this item is out of stock until date indicated ; please don't order now. 

After the price indicates provisional "copy" of an interim edition that has sold out; sold mainly to researchers. The copied pages compare to original except with poorer print  registration. They have comb-bound (cb) covers, color pages (if in original), and include updated information. 

CDs (not Valor items, see CD htm)
(format works on IBM or Mac systems)
Constitution (Theory and original debates)
Democracy and Lincoln
Homeland Survival (Medical Skills, Shelters)
Homeland Security & Terror Weapons
Writing History with Nineteenth Century Examples

Pistols, Ammunition, and Police Skills
Soldier Skills 
Navy Skills 
Naval Aviation and Air Warfare Skills 
Gunsmiths and Firearms Collecting
Firearms Collection
Marksmanship & Machineguns (by Chinn) 

American Revolution (28 books & pamphlets)
American Evolution (in Nineteenth Century)
Civil War (Available as 2 CD set for $25)
World War I (3 volume set @ $35)
World War 2  Japan (34 books & pamphlets)
World War 2  Mediterranean Theater of Operations 
World War 2  European Theater of Operations
World War 2  Russo German War
Korea (12 volumes)
Vietnam (14 books)

Ancient Empires - Greece & Alexander (12 volumes)
Ancient Empires - Past Wonders & Ancient Rome 
Ancient Empires  Rome & Byzantium
Earth #1  Great Natural Wonders of the USA
NASA #1 Photobooks of Earth
NASA #2 Earth & Outerspace
NASA #3 Apollo 11 Thirtieth Anniversary, Internet Format

Order Form (print or use your own):
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GAME Book Marketing, 
Box 3385
Allentown PA 18106-0385

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For related order information, call (610) 393-2327 or E-Mail Joe Niema

For information on content or schedule of the Valor Books write to Victor at: Greeley Station, P.O. Box 20185, 
New York, NY 10001, or E-Mail

GAME-Plan account gives you $250 credit towards books & shipping, if you prepay $200 over year. "Advance" orders require such an account.

In order to keep the focus on exchanging information from the start (30 years ago) it was Valor's unique policy to give old editions (worn, torn, or falling apart) half the value towards the new one that replaced it. (For example, old #6 @ $10 is now worth $9 on new edition #25). This policy of giving 50% credit on old copies (up to 30 days after purchase) also applies to CD replacements.

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We currently use PayPal to process credit card orders.

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Thomas Paine item 
Upon Request. Select one per order of 2 or more items:

Common Sense (America's most powerful political document

Rights of Man, Part I in 1791 or  Part 2 in 1792

Age of Reason Overview - Paine's Attack on Atheism 

First Principles of Government (1795) 

To the Citizens of Pennsylvania (1805 Attack on legalism) 

The form on this Website ( may help speed orders but is not essential. Your list should note the title and price. You may pay by check, postal money-order, or credit card. The latter is most convenient, especially for thjose using PayPal (except that we must split the card bank-fees with you, not to exceed 2%). Items or questions not related to the order should be on a separate page. Also, see GAME Plan'' below.

Larger orders cut handling time so we offer a discount of 1% per $10, starting at $20, up to $200. Anything above $20 starts at 2%. For example, take 5% off if the total is between $50 and $59.99; and 20% off if it is over $200. Since this applies only to items in stock, please consider listing alternate selections. If you an email address we'll send a pro-forma invoice

This provides an account that insures a maximum 20% discount and is most popular with international clients. In simplest terms, when you pay $200 we establish a $250 account credit, replacing our 1% discounts. An account number is assigned for charge purposes. It allows you to place books "on order'' and regenerate the 20% discount with $100 deposits (=$125). The discount also applies to shipping cost.

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The order above is to ship in quality condition within a week. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason just return it within the same or similar package at the same shipping cost within 10 days. We send full refund for returned items within two weeks (or exchange CD) if we made an error, then shipping costs are also refunded in both directions, but kindly do not accept delivery of damaged packages. You should contact us if the order has not arrived within 15 days). We do not deposit payments until the order is in stock and ready to ship and only "back-order'' if you have a GAME-Plan account. If paid by check, we may send a total refund if most of the items are not available (avoid this by listing alternate selections). 

Catalog (Not listed on Web)
The website replaces the old cover sheet of our published catalog, we also list thousands of other books and we will sent a catalog on request.

This applies to the catalog listings. We assume that you generally know what you want and rely on our low prices to sell you. Our one line per book listing is intended to be adequate to confirm the book identity. 

Part I consists of four separate lists, updated at different times. 
Part II is for simulations and book series that continue the "A" and "M" sections of part I. They consist of books grouped into similar format and usually sequentially numbered. The descriptions below pertain to Part I, which are typically 11x17" pages with occasional 8½ x 11" updates & overflow pages

Government. This section includes Political Science, Sociology & 
Economics; Intelligence and counter-terrorism; Strategy, leadership theory and leaders (above army level). There is some overlap with "M" category (on terrorism for example).

Arms, Armies, Aviation. Includes weapon systems, uniform items armies, and various unit histories. It includes Air/Sea and Land subjects that pertains primarily to 20th Century material, with the modeler and collector in mind. Related material prior to WW2 is almost usually placed in this section.

Military History and campaigns. Many historical material prior to WW1 are placed in the E category. The section starts with the World War 2 period.

Environment. (Education, Social Studies, Green Politics, Ecology, Old History ) We consider most history before World War 2 as being culturally framed. There are few direct witnesses so it is part of a political culture that is manufactured in classrooms. Most of it more related to the social environment than more recent history.

How to read the book descriptions in the Catalog.

One one line, these provide minimal technical descriptions as to the number of illustrations, maps, charts, and pages.
Shown in capital letters, usually followed with subheading in lower case. 
This and price are needed on the order form. 

indicates price in U.S. dollars. Pay the lower of 2 prices listed if 2. 

Or editor's name is shown if there is space.

The "(P)" indicates paper-binding with (HvP) indicating one of library-grade, otherwise assume that it is a hard cover book.

1 pound added to weight, otherwise assume 1 pound per item

In sequence "i/m/p" describe the book contents. The first entry (i) indicates number of illustrations, with "+c" meaning added color; the second (m) refers to charts, tables, or maps; and the third (p) indicates the quantity of text pages including those not numbered (because some publishers don't number photo pages or "foreword" sections (we want to be consistent).

After pages entry; indicates a large format, X is between 70 to 99 in2; XX= between 100 and 129 in2; and XXX = greater than 130 in2.

Used books. Many of the books are used and condition varies from having been on a library shelf or barely read. Since these are often not easily found the price is unrelated to the original price.

Price (& edition)

$14/15 (1984)

$16 each
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 Products Page - describes the Valor books and GAME CDs. Includes an Order Form. GAME  is an acronym for: Government, Armament, Military History, Environment/Education. Unlike passive pacifists, who "ain't gonna study war no more", we do study it for the same reason that police study crime and fire-fighters study fire. It's an issue of credibility. The company has been in business since 1977. It started over thirty years ago with a Multilith-750 offset press from a West Virginia garage. It was a hobby with the modest goal of providing information for military simulations and a growing wargaming industry. 
               "The World is my country, mankind are my friends, to do good is my religion."
Thomas Paine's accomplishments are listed on the Home Page. Because of our admiration, we offer free pages of his works to those who buy Valor books if you check the box below (one per order please).

His attacks on aristocracy and slavery are easily redirected to corporatism because master and slave are two sides of the same coin. The ruling class would rather that opponents waste time on Karl Marx. Many of the ideas from the new book are in the text of our Newsletter.htm in the Newsletter Page. They generally expose the nature of corporate tyranny. 
Note:  We are developing Errata information for each Valor title that will correct or  update future editions. See an example at the bottom of the Newsletter page.  Meanwhile, information pertaining to specific titles will appear at the end of the Books htm. file above. 

     We continue to offer a 50% purchase credit on new editions for old. This applies even  even if they are worn, torn, and falling apart (as long as all the pages are there). Simply send it to us (by low Media mail rate or give to participating dealer) within 30 days of getting the new edition
BOOKS Page (.htm File) - Click inside the orange star to see a brief description of the many Valor books. All but one are on World War 2. The site contains the specific Tables of Content on many of the titles. It was last updated April 2008 (after priority changed to political reform) to provide longer descriptions. We will eventually add cover pictures (see Amazon). 
CDs GAME Page (.htm file) - Click on the earth symbol to see a description of the dozens of the computer disks (CDs) that we offer. Each contains several books and thousands of pages format. If the books were purchased individually (and if you could find them), they would cost hundreds of dollars. Our price for each is not more than $14. They reproduce the books on convenient PDF files. For example, one of the Government CD's has records of the original debates on the U.S. Constitution. Gun collectors are sure to find some document of exceptional interest in  the Armaments category. Some of them provide Military histories on the American Wars and several most European conflicts. There are also detailed descriptions of National Park sites in the Environment section, along with spectacular Educational collections of NASA photographs. We also have about 2000 books that are not listed on this website. 
The personal attacks on his drinking and appearance were built on a theme of atheism loosely based on lies about Age of Reason. He was physically weak when he returned to New York in 1802, at age 64, and sometimes drank but it was not to excess. Political circumstances gave him reason for depression in his old age. He saw the republican ideals of his life's work being undermined, as when Tories even blocked him from voting as their Federalist press reviled him. We urge you to learn more. Join a group of his Friends (see bottom of Homepage). His monument in New Rochelle, NY, is engraved as follows: 
Product information on Valor Books & Game CDs