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The motivation is restoration of the Constitution and Common Sense, 
    ... (finished Dec. 1775, published Jan. 1776), which transformed a successful revolution to a War for Independence based on a Constitution as the Genesis of American values. It is time to recall Thomas Paine's idea:
         "Yet that we may not appear to be defective even in earthly honors, let a day be solemnly set apart for 
          proclaiming the charter; let it be brought forth, placed on the divine law, the Word of God; let a crown 
          be placed thereon, by which the world may know, that so far as we approve of monarchy, that in America
          the law is king ...and there ought to be no other."

In his best selling Rights of Man (Part I), Paine further pointed out how earlier colonial charters and the Articles of Confederation inspired American Independence, he noted:
        "The American constitutions were to liberty what a grammar is to language: they define its 
        parts of speech, and practically construct them into syntax."
To recall this motivation, we propose that each year on Independence Day (4 July) or Constitution & Citizenship Day (17 September), American citizens affirm their patriotism by taking a pledge similar to the one for new citizens (below). Senator Byrd recorded some appropriate remarks on the first national commemoration of this day (16 Sept. 2005) to mark the anniversary of signing of the Constitution in 1787. Such a pledge could refute dual-citizenship and recall the sedition of corporate "personhood." Here are several other days related to this theme:

Various causes of disloyalty are discussed on the Grassroots Rising page. To this day, the dozen countries of a Hanoverian Commonwealth (twice the land and half the people of US) lack a supreme written constitution so their leaders make contracts to the aristocracy, which probably hates "parchment barriers" and is an historic enemy of democracy. Kingdoms and fictitious republics also undermine constitutions or trace lineage to ancient tribal remnants across false boundaries drawn by old colonial empires.
The example of Big Lies goes back to World War 2 and some are listed on the Newsletter page. American intent of a Golden Rule morality was announced in an Atlantic Charter of Four Freedoms, which was betrayed by Roosevelt in January 1943. Truman's policy of bombing civilians later expanded to threaten nuclear genocide. By 1947 this country embraced a form of fascism that enriched corporatistsEisenhower allowed about two hundred corporations (down from previous 500) to control half of the civilian economy but, in his Farewell Address, admitted that the "military-industrial complex" cost more than the "profits" all the private corporations combined. (He neglected to mention how the big paychecks and fat bonuses of the war profiteers were not counted as profits.) 

A fascistic economic aspect was confirmed by U.S. entry into war (1950) without a declaration by Congress. Politicians promote and fund such plans. For example, the brainwashing Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, invented by Congress, shows a British sympathy for symbols and religious tests (added 1954), rather than to truths of our written constitution. Their aristocracy enforces obedience through masses of lower military and police officers who never learned the difference between serving a corporation and defending the Constitution. For example most Americans don't know the difference between "corporatize" and "privatize," or how the founders defined democracy in the original Bill of Rights (slave states rejected the first of the 12 Articles). Agree or not, aristocracy hides such key definitions from basic education. Simply put, slave and master are two sides of the same ancient coin. Whether part of a criminal underworld or aristocratic overworld, the political masters need to subvert honest government ito keep power. The Supreme Court "legislated" citizenship for national corporations in Santa Clara Co. v. Southern RR (1886). After that U.S. judges increasingly sided with property rights against jury decisions. What is to be done with seditious lawyers or judges who seize public property from the "Commons?" The issue involves obstruction of justice and dereliction of duty.
We don't need legal aid to put the outrage in writing. For example, we can go to a nearby federal U.SAttorney's Office and file a criminal complaint based on violation of the 9th, original 13th (1810), and 14th Amendments (keep the notarized or date-stamped copy). Of course the occupation government will ignore the first few thousand of these, but that's not the point. Despite Civil Wars (1776, 1812, 1861), a class system was re-imposed on much of the United States and the least patriots should do is document our outrage!  Rights won with blood at least need to be defended with ink. The enemy has been defined as Conservatives with a Conscience by John Dean and American Fascists by Pulitizer Prize winner Chris Hedges. We simply need to add an emphasis that corporatism is a form of fascism.

Express Loyalty to What?
We should expect giant corporations - instruments of global aristocracy - to undermine American democracy and destroy its borders. They see this country as an object of plunder and a place to expel excess populations. In fact America encourages legal immigration and legally allows for more than all the countries of the world combined. Most citizens, however, properly fear invasion by agents of greed or infiltration by foreign citizens who will accept two masters. Their potential disloyalty to America is an understandable risk. The failure of the politicians to enforce existing laws (including border protection) has most citizens upset. The corporate media instead makes charges of jingoism and racial prejudice, as it tries to blame the immigrants and shift from the real issue, a dereliction of duty.
 This is hardly extremism. See the specific Oath of Allegiance required of new citizens, as follows:

In America the Constitution is king and that is the "law" referred to above. It is not an extraction by politicians or the black-robed lawyers' cunning legislative invention of a "living Constitution" based on precedents. It is appropriate to expect citizens to undertake a responsibility to perform public service or pay taxes, but this should not be driven by fear or "decrees" by a corporate-serving Chief Executive. The ruling corporate cabal that now controls legislative power uses the naturalization process to hire mercenaries and foreign volunteers to fight its wars in the Middle East; but whose laws are they defending? Is it the "living" law of corporate aristocracy? Their corporate state is not yet a formal aristocracy but top executives, especially in the oil companies, often exercise far more power than elected leaders. Follow the money. To whom do you pay more "taxes;" to corporations or constitutional government? While the United Nations budget is about 6 billion dollars, all of the top hundred global corporations have a dozen times more in annual revenue. Along with pervasive militarism, we feel that such imbalance demands a serious dose of justice. 

Thomas Paine denounced the fraud of Judicial Review and "emolument of lawyers" as undermiing the principle of annual election. His Compass to a "Letter to the Citizens of Pennsylvania," (1805) said:
         "There is no article in the Constitution of this State, nor of any of the states, that invests the 
          Government in whole or in part with the power of granting charters or monopolies of any kind; 
          the spirit of the times was then against all such speculation; and therefore the assuming to 
          grant them is unconstitutional, and when obtained by bribery and corruption is criminal." 
Is there anything at all in the Constitution that even allows for-profit corporations? The Founders rejected the idea! Reform certainly won't come from Supreme Court Justices who help steal elections and refuse to hear 98% of the cases submitted to them. Local magistrates join transnational corporations to routinely overrule state and federal Constitutions. They are as evil as before 1776. Proper motivation opposes the "divine right" of a King James Bible or the modern robber barons who claim to believe itTo oppose their imposed "taxation" we need real representation.

Conclusion (last four paragraphs):

Thank you for reading this far. Here is what was covered. The Home page began defining patriotism. The Grassroots Rising page examined restoring the Constitution [RtC] by actions that remove obstacles to justice. We believe reform can be accomplished without violence in a manner similar to South Africa, Polish Solidarity, and Czech Civic Forum. It requires restoring a sense of community that will likely form as coalitions at a Congressional district level. As described in other parts of this website, we believe that it is time to end the legalized processes of bribery and cronyism that began in 1886. It can even be argued that most states added since 1886 are not legitimate because their creation violated the last fifteen words of Article V of the Constitution (reducing democracy). Ten years later, in Plessy vs Ferguson, the Supreme Court undermined Reconstruction and accepted racism and eugenics as  national policy. An extreme form of this "racial hygiene" was later adopted in Germany. In the 1920s, the Ku Klux Klan and American Legion helped create robber-baron corporatism that was even less humanitarian than what existed in Italy.

Steps toward reform under President Franklin Roosevelt failed to keep fascism from creeping back. You can prove that America is no longer democratic by following the money. The Newsletter page provides a closer look at the lies of current system.  The list of definitions in the Q&A.htm page will ease the homework. Casting out the traitors and lobbyists from the people's house requires rebuilding grassroots democracy at the original ratios before 1830. An apparent increase in state and federal legislatures will drastically reduce (by 80%) the 85,000 "separate and unequal" government units that currently "divide and rule" the nation. Restoring the legislative branch to its old ratio will also uncover the fraud of federal inequality. Justice is unlikely to come from legislating judges so the Judicial Branch will remain an extension of corporate lobbies until an honest Congress replaces the "bad-behaved" judges with a jury system. Then an equal Judicial branch can be a proper third branch, as an ombudsman for the people. These pages offered useful facts more than sincere opinions, but facts are not enough. A major point of emphasis is that within two decades after the Civil War, lawmakers replaced the law-keepers of the Constitution. By the end of World War 2, the power went into hands of the law-takersUntil the mass murderers are swept away there is little hope of progress.

We identified some of them but, as said in Hollywood, "...once you've mastered sincerity then everything else is easy." This gets into the area of "framing" the facts. Taking  back the political truth will require stating it in a way that unmasks the false sincerity of judges and politicians. By analogy: the power of marching musicians is in setting the beat; the power of propagandists is in defining education; the power of sellers is in defining value; the power of thieves is in keeping plunder; and political imposition comes by enforcing authority. Congress  had no authority to replace democracy with a corporate oligarchy. Restoring the Constitution [RtC] requires understanding what the robbers took. Questioning authority, in itself, begins motivating a removal of "divide and rule" mystification by excess local governments (over 85,000) and federal corporations. A record number of Americans is warehoused in prison or chasing pointless goals of educational propaganda. The unconstitutional powers of the Air Force, CIA, and Department of Homeland Security often undermine those of patriots in the Army, Navy, and non-political Interior agencies. 

Protests against the Vietnam Conflict failed because war criminals remained in control. That will not happen again if we restore an understandable government, with only one degree of separation between equal numbers of citizens and constitutionally loyal political representatives. This can be achieved by mobilizing according to the proposed First (1790) and true Thirteenth (1810-19) Amendments. Excess governments and false honor to corporations obstructs justice. Until that obstruction is removed, neither conservatives nor progressives will achieve justice. Unpunished sedition will keep growing and the torch of liberty will extinguish. If nuclear winter does not preempt global warming, a stressed environment will collapse. The next generation will inherit debt or destruction. Put aside the distractions of childhood and study the ideas raised here. Remove the poisonous weeds from the political field and let's... 

...plant justice to overgrow global corpfederacy!

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   Victor (Witold) lives near his daughter in Allentown but hasn't forgotten Polish parents who had been "P" and "Ost" Nazi slaves. Mother was seized from school in Pinsk (occupied Poland), at age 14, and shipped to Dachau, through a "selection" at Krajevo and forced to nearby labor (Nazis shot her father as a "hostage" (Janow, 22 Jan.43). Father was seized in Warsaw, where a brother died fighting. They met in Munich. Not wanting return to a Soviet occupied Poland, they waited 5 years to come to America and the privilege of U.S. citizenship. Victor was born on a V-E Day anniversary. He deivered papers in Greenpoint, went to Brooklyn Tech HS (Swim Team, founder Debate Club, VP Free World Club), wrote for international publication in the General and Strategy & Tactics. The latter helped start a World War 2 simulations trend. He left for West Point (USMA) in June 1966 and graduated 1970.

     He completed the required degree (B.S.), won the Buckner Award, designed the class crest (first motto), chose Infantry Branch, and volunteered for Vietnam. He graduated a few weeks late in a "class" of 6* due to a new course. After successful airborne and ranger training, in 1971-72, he led rifle platoons in both the 101st Airborne Division & 196th Light Infantry Brigade (CIB, AM, BSM, etc.). After medical recovery, he volunteered for Special Forces (to liberate the oppressed). Soon after earning he Green Beret, he was to lead the well known Gabriel Demonstration Team (5th SFG-A). He left regular service (Oct. 1975) but returned for a 7-month Infantry Advanced Course at Fort Benning, concurrently taking two graduate economics courses (GA State U), and testing proficient in nine European languages (all R3/S3, 1976) towards a subsequent Foreign Area Officer diploma from the Kennedy Center for Military Assistance. He added a graduate degree in Sociology (NC State, 1977), a training course for Psychological Operations (PsyOps), and a Civil Affairs Officer Advanced Course.
1115 Brookside Rd #3385                                        home: (610) 624-1881
Wescosville, PA 18106                                            E-Mail:
   Writing for S&T also continued: in 1969, “German Air Force Ground Army” compared Göring’s fascist ground troops (50 divisions) to Himmler’s police army (SS); in 1971, “Blitzkrieg: An Analysis” contrasted Allied encirclement failures to German cohesion; and in 1976 the “Smolensk Campaign” (co-authored with Shelby Stanton) described the decisive Nazi defeat in August 1941 that doomed Operation Barbarossa before Pearl Harbor. During graduate school, an article, “Effectiveness and Cohesion of the German Ground Forces in World War 2”, for the Journal of Political and Military Sociology (1978), statistically defined the significance of the Eastern Front and introduced the concept of “division-months”.
   Four Freedoms to fight for!
     I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of 
the United States, an indivisible republic of 
the people, by the people, and for the people, 
with liberty and justice for all.
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10 or 29 January -  "Common Sense" published on 10 January 1776. Thomas Paine wrote it in December 1775 as "Plain Truth" and apparently Benjamin Rush suggested the more powerful name. The pamphlet sold over a 100,000 copies in three months and another 400,000 in the rest of 1776 - in two dozen editions - as an explanation of the Declaration of Independence.  Paine donated his royalties Washington’s Army.  Paine's birthday on the 29th  can also help us remember one of the most powerful political documents of American history. The British still list him as guilty of sedition and allowed his body to be stolen from its resting place in New Rochelle, NY, when one of their politicians took it in 1819 (Imagine if they had done this with Washington, Franklin, or Jefferson).

29 February or 1 March - A Constitutional Convention (like one that Paine had proposed) was authorized by the Articles of Confederation Congress on 29 February. Probably more important, on 1 March 1792, the Bill of Rights went into effect as an integral part of the Constitution.

12 March - In 1819, Virginia confirmed passage of true 13th Amendment: as approved by Congress 27 April 1810. It had been ratified by at least a dozen states (Dec. 1810 to Dec. 1812) but formal passage was delayed because the British burned records in Washington DC in 1814 (24 Aug.)  

1 May - (1) The new government began operating in New York City in 1789, the day after Washington was made president.  (2) On 1 May 1810 Congress overwhelmingly passed the "Title of Honor" 13th Amendment directed against the threat of aristocracy, when the House affirmed (87 to 3) a Senate vote of 27 April. It is uncertain if the ratifcation was in March 1815 or 1819. 

3 May - Loyalty Day was originally known as “Americanization Day” (1921) and created to counteract 1 May Worker celebrations of U.S. Communists. For Polish-Americans, 3 May 1791 commemorates the world's second written constitution as adopted in Poland in 1791. There had also been a stunning Polish victory in 1920-21 (after fierce White-Red Slavic Civil Wars) that had crippled a Bolshevik offensive into Europe. Whatever its actual inspiration, after enactment into Public Law by Congress (1958), it became a permanent fixture within the Slavic community and VFW calendar.

21 June - On this day in 1788, the Constitution was ratified by the required number of states (confirmed by VA on 26 June & NY on 26 July) and on the same day in 1805 Thomas Paine wrote a "Compass" on Constitutions, Governments, and Charters" that he attached to an August letter "To the Citizens of Pennsylvania on the Proposal for Calling a Convention."

17 or 21 July - The key clause of the Constitution (in Article VI), was adopted unanimously on 17 July 1787. This made it the supreme law of the land. On the 21st in 1789, James Madison proposed a previously promised Bill of Rights to Congress. 

17 September (or adjacent weekday if on weekend) - Constitution Day is a federal holiday to recognize the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. It is observed on the anniversary of signing of the Constitution in 1787. The law establishing the holiday passed in 2004. Before this law was enacted, the holiday was known as "Citizenship Day". The law, as enacted May 2005 by the U.S. Department of Education, mandates that all publicly funded educational institutions provide a program on the history of the federal Constitution on that day. It applies to any school receiving federal funds of any kind. This holiday does not granting time off work for federal employees.

15 December -  Bill of Rights Day. On this day in 1791, 10 (of 12) proposed articles were ratified into the Constitution as a Bill of Rights.
The Threat of Tyranny                                                   On Writing a Constitution (from History Channel)
No Peace Without Justice (Angelina Jolie)                     The Truth about the Founders (Thom Hartmann)
Declaration of Independence (Morgan Freeman Preface)       Coming to America (Neil Diamond, 2008)
       1/506                    1/46
  I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, to whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same: that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the armed forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law: and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.
                  (Title 8--Aliens and Nationality , Chapter I--Immigration and Naturalization Service, DoJ Part 337)
Author: W. Victor Madeja 
                                                    & Motivations
   Writing after that included converted most of these articles into books with one about every two years. The Polish September Campaign (co-author S. Zaloga) was an alternate selection for the Military Book Club (1985). Details of the Nazi oil war were exposed in two books (1984-85) on the Motorization Myth, which showed that the Nazis were poorly motorized. The U.S. military is examined in four U.S. Army Order of Battle books. He also served in various positions in the Army Reserve and National Guard from 1977 to 1990. Duties as an Equal Opportunity Officer (1978-80) provided insights into the nature of American racism. Later assignments included war mobilization exercises at the Joint Staff in Europe (EUCOM) and Joint Chiefs (JCS Operations) in the Pentagon with a Top Secret clearance. As a civilian, he worked as an engineer in economic evaluation for two FORTUNE 300 corporations. relocating from North Carolina to West Virginia and Pennsylvania (1979). 

    In the Lehigh Valley he served as one of the directors of the Pulaski Foundation to recall Polish contributions to American Independence. To better study corporatism he earned an MBA degree from Lehigh University (1984). This was followed by some doctoral work in Finance & Political Sociology, teaching experience at Penn State, and consulting work.​ As Poland became free of its communist corporatism, Victor left the military to expose its American counterpart. The research priority shifted from WW2 to organization effectiveness and planning for social change to overcome the various forms of corporate diversion, distraction, division, disinformation, and deconstruction. Two Civil cases that went to the U.S. Supreme Court confirm its corruption or "bad behavior." Simply put, a lack of justice is a root problem of the republic. Solutions are in founding vision of representation, juries, and hatred of nobility. Master and slave are two sides of the same coin. Defeating the latter in 1865 failed to disarm the former. “Slavery” did not even appear in the Constitution until the lawyers put it there (1865) while replacing the original 13th Amendment (of 1810). Now we have a largely corporatized prison-industrial complex. 

    The original motivation for the above writing was to understand falsified military history and, once achieved, expanded to attacking corporatism through what William James described as a non-violent “moral equivalent of war” - Form your battalions! Facts can pierce the bodyguard of lies and there is ample proof of corporate racketeering. Constitutional restoration can follow after completing ratification (1 more state) of the 1st and 13th Amendments. Restoring the original levels of representation would cut the size of government because it would eliminate the need for most local governments (88,000), which are mostly corporations. The idea of granting such charters and private monopolies is contrary to the Constitution and the Founders opposed the idea. Ending titles of honor and nobility could also overthrow our British judicial system. The imposition of "judicial review" was a cunning invention of the fourth Chief Justice and three cronies. It led to the corporate "personhood" fraud (1886), creation of false states (6 in 1890), and slashing representation to 435 (1922). As “officers of the court,” esquires cooperate in the white collar crimes of aristocracy (aka the “1%”). They have given us the world's largest prison population, unprecedented suicide rates, and a militarism based on nuclear genocide.

    ​Although personal background is unnecessary to understanding issues, perhaps a few added details may clarify other motivations. As a bleeding-heart conservative and after decades as an Independent (because the Founders did not plan for political parties when designing this Republic), Victor loosely connects with Democrats to vote against the Government of Pigs (GOP). He is under no public or private influence and most of his spare time is used in understanding reform strategies (with Thomas Paine Friends & Veterans for Peaceand as a volunteer to help veterans. Restoring the Constitution will  first require removing the criminals [RtC] and reducing the corporations. Ideas of William James were pivotal in shaping this view and are listed in the recent book (#38), Moral Equivalent of War, dedicated to Thomas Paine (his two volumes on the Rights of Man, make him father of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights). Ideas from General S. Butler,+ N. Chomsky, H. Zinn, William Blum, Ramsey Clark, George Lakoff, and others impact on the next book (#39), Lost Honor Found, a "how-to" manual on restoration. In that connection, Victor prefers using the Americanized patronymic of his last name, "Madeson" - to emphasize the Constitution.  A concept follows.

*  This was the first West Point summer "class" (Note also that 1802-1805 classes had only ten graduates).
** The books that followed after these articles began to reconcile falsified official history and are part of ongoing efforts to uncover corporate mendacity of the national command authority
General Smedley Butler's solution to the military-industrial complex still applies. It is described in his classic VFW speech & booklet War is a  Racket as reenacted in the video on the bottom of the Grassroots page.